The Peristera fortress

Peristera fortress is located 800 meters north of the center of Peshtera, at the very verge of the city, left of the road to the town of Pazardzhik. In the center of the fortress there is an older set of stones, probably a Thracian sanctuary. Citadel of the fortress extends to 3 acres and the second belt walls enclose 12 acres. There is a third, outermost zone. The hill on which Peristera is located is known as St. Petka. The name of the castle comes from Greek and means "dove." In the highest part of the hill there are stones of different sizes, one of which has the shape of a dove. This fact leads the archaeologists to believe that the same place is probably an ancient Thracian sanctuary.

The fortification walls have a length of 253 meters and enclose a space of 2895 square meters. Before restoration, they were preserved to a height of 2.60 meters. Along the fortress wall there are six towers.

Peristera was declared a cultural monument of national importance in 2012. The castle is open for visits since 05.22.2014.